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AND is a team made up of concerned community members, content experts, and those with lived experience regarding Alcohol, Nicotine, and Drugs. Our focus is prevention and early intervention by educating the Dunn County community on substance abuse and prevention. 

The team meets during the odd months of the year (January, March, May, ect.) on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 10:30 to 12:00.

Connect with Kaitlin to learn more about this team!

Did you happen to miss a meeting or just need a refresher? Catch up by sifting through previous meeting minutes and agendas. 

Taking Notes

Properly disposing of prescription medication is an important part of protecting your family and yourself. Make sure you know where to drop off your unused or old medications!


Opioid Resources 


Read through this booklet for a quick lesson on what Opioids are and how to respond to an overdose should you ever see one. 


This booklet gives a quick rundown on what Narcan is, how to store it, and what happens after giving someone Narcan. 


This packet could save a life! It gives you the knowledge and tools to recognize an overdose. 

It also provides info on what to do after an overdose has happened. 

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