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Lead Free Tackle: Why does it matter?

Here in Dunn County, we're surrounded by many lakes and rivers from the Red Cedar watershed! This watershed provides countless hours of entertainment, from swimming, kayaking, ice skating, and fishing. Whether it be ice fishing or a simple pole from a dock, the tackle you choose is important!

Usually, the tackle sold in stores is made of metal that contains lead. Lead is toxic to humans, animals, and the rest of our watershed.

When a fisher loses a lead-based hook or a sinker, animals may eat it. The current national estimate is 25% of adult common loon deaths are due to lead poisoning after ingesting lead fishing tackle. Once sickened with lead poisoning, loons suffer a slow and painful death. Lead also poisons raptors, swans, and some mammals.

Luckily, there are many lead-free options! Our friends at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency have curated a list of lead free tackle retailers!

If you're a fisher or a friend or family member of a fisher, choose lead-free tackle the next time you go out!

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