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Dunn County Community Narcan Trainings

Did you know we've already held TWO Community Narcan Trainings this summer and have our final two this month?

These trainings are used to help prevent opioid overdoses within our community! Not only for opioid users but for littles that may accidentally get into a pill bottle, our four-legged friends who don't know better, and those who have prescription pills but may be forgetful of how many or how often they're supposed to take.

What do the trainings cover?

- What opioids are

- How to use nasal Narcan (Free Nasal Narcan Spray Offered)

- Signs of an opioid overdose

- Medication storage and disposal

How do I sign up?

August 10th: Menomonie Public Library:

August 24th: Grapevine Senior Center:

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