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Emergency Preparedness: Blizzard Edition

Between sub-zero temperatures, snow accumulation, ice, and wind, snowstorms can be dangerous! Keep you and your loved ones safe the next time a snowstorm hits by taking a look at these 5 recommendations!

  1. Prepare an Emergency Medicine Bag:

Make sure to stock up on your family's necessary meds before a storm! This way they will be able to stay properly medicated even if they're unable to make it to the pharmacy.

  1. Food & Water Prep: Stocking up on some extra dry goods and canned meals is a great way to stay prepared! These can make basics and are easy to heat up if the power goes out. Save some extra water by filling up old milk jugs; if the power goes out, you'll still have access to clean water!

  2. Watch for Frostbite: Spending too long outside when it's cold can lead to frostbite! If you're outside use the combo of layering to stay safe. The first is to absorb sweat, the second to act as insulation, and the last is to seal out cold temperatures. Ideally, the last layer is waterproof and windproof. This strategy traps warmth between the layers, gives you the option to remove a layer in case of overheating, and protects your body from dampness, either from the weather or from sweat.

  3. Pack a Car Bag: If you have to travel during a winter storm, make sure to stock your car with plenty of safety items! Keeping extra sweaters, a warm jacket, a hat, gloves, and a blanket in your trunk in case you’re stranded waiting for emergency roadside assistance. Stash sand or kitty litter in the trunk, too. You can use it to generate traction under the wheels or to make walkways or steps less slippery.

  4. Clear Snow Carefully: Eventually you’ll have to come out of hibernation. Once the storm breaks, layer up properly before you start shoveling or blowing snow. If you’re shoveling, remember it’s a strenuous and potentially hazardous activity, and take care of your back by lifting with your knees!

Be prepared the next time a snowstorm hits by following these 5 recommendations!

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